Our Mission

The study of martial arts focuses on development of character as well as physical, technical, and tactical skill.  Students are taught to respect their instructors, fellow students, training partners, opponents, and officials.

It has been said that the study of karate should “make a student strong where he is weak, and humble where he is strong”.  Sensei Sboto envisioned judo as a process of “you and I improving together”.  At Synthesis Martial Arts we embrace these ideals.

At Synthesis we believe that true martial skill is developed with deliberate, constant practice.  To be truly learned, skills must be tested using live drills against un-cooperative partners. Our goal is to teach effective techniques for sport and self-defence in a safe manner.  To accomplish this, we use bag work, pad work, and padded partner drills regularly in karate practice, as well as more traditional methods.

Studying karate and judo provides the practitioner with a wide variety of martial arts skills for self-protection and sporting applications.  Students have the opportunity to become competent with striking, throwing, and grappling techniques.


Chief Instructor – Jeff Gervin

Jeff Gervin began training in Wado-Kai karate in 1983 under the tutelage of Sensei Roland Day, and currently holds a fifth-degree black belt.  He also holds a brown belt in Shotokan karate.  Jeff has competed extensively within the Shintani-Wado-Kai Karate Federation for many years.  Jeff is an alumnus of the SWKKF National Karate Team (2008-2012).  He travelled with the team to compete in the Ozawa Cup (Las Vegas, 2009), the WTKA World Karate Championships (Cararra, Italy, 2009, 2011), and the Scottish International Championships (Edinburgh, 2012).  Jeff has also competed in the National Master Shintani Memorial Championships nine times.

Jeff began his study of judo in Brandon, Manitoba, in the spring of 1998, and holds the rank of shodan (first-degree black belt).  His sensei, Mr. Silvio Sboto, was a great teacher and friend.  Jeff competed in Judo for more than 10 years before withdrawing from competition to focus on sport karate during his tenure with the SWKKF National Team.

In addition to karate and judo, Jeff enjoys training in kickboxing and jiu-jitsu.


Associate Instructors

Ed Dyck is a first-degree black-belt in karate and orange belt in judo.  Ed owns and operates the Fitness Fanatics gym facility where we train.  Ed is a competent instructor and competitor, and has competed locally, nationally and internationally in karate.  He is also a great personal trainer and promoter of fitness.

Steve Smith holds a brown belt in karate and orange belt in judo.  He has competed locally, provincially, and nationally in karate.  Steve is training hard for his black belt, and is always willing to help out the junior grades in the dojo.


About the Dojo

At Synthesis Martial Arts we provide group training in sport karate and judo.  The dojo is located within a clean, modern gym facility with state-of-the art fitness equipment.  The karate and judo classes are run separately, enabling students to study one or both arts.  Sensei Jeff is a certified instructor within both the Shintani Wado-Kai Karate Federation and Judo Canada, and is a member of Karate Manitoba and Judo Manitoba.

The dojo also offers one-on-one training in karate and/or judo for self-defence or MMA applications.  We also occasionally offer group self-defence courses and fitness classes.